Department 10 "Environmental protection" of vfdb deals with deployment of fire services involving hazardous substances, CBRN/Hazmat and environmental issues and the environmental effects of fires.

The German Fire Protection Association (Vereinigung zur Förderung des deutschen Brandschutzes - vfdb) has set itself the task to reduce the numerous accident and incident hazards in our industrial society through professional background work.

To this end, experts from fire brigades and authorities, industry, research and organisations work together across disciplines at vfdb. The results are regularly published in the "Zeitschrift für Forschung und Technik im Brandschutz vfdb" (vfdb journal for research and technology in fire protection).

The results are also publicised through media and at symposiums to promote practical implementation and contribute to the general information and awareness amongst the public. Not all guidelines or information sheets are available yet in english, but the vfdb is working on that.