Information sheets of department 10

Department 10 of vfdb has combined the current state of the technical art and tactical operation standards for selected hazardous substances and operation situations and prepared them for fire services. Not all information sheets are already available in english.


namecommentinformation sheet
Environmental information act The information sheet facilitates a purposeful and meaningful application of the german environmental information act in the case of enquiries based on it.
(April 2018) german version only
Biogas plants In preparation of fire services operations in biogas plants this information sheet describes the design and operation of the plants and indicates the hazards and information on damage events in the vicinity of biogas plants.
(September 2014) german version only
Extended training for RN-missions  This information sheet describes an "Extended training for fire brigades during RN-missions". Experts qualified by this training can offer support and advice to the mission leader in his activities in the areas of the hazard group IIIA.
(currently under revision)
Chemical warfare agents This information sheet supplements FwDV 500 "Regulations for Fire Services at CBRN/Hazmat Operations”. The purpose of this information sheet is to protect the mission teams against damage from undetected highly hazardous C substances and to sensitise them as to when unprotected procedures to save lives are no longer possible.
(July 2017)
Acetylene Burning acetylene cylinders or those exposed to fire represent a specific hazard. To prevent major damage, the fire brigade must know the hazards and risks and use correct tactics.
(May 2011)
AmmoniaAmmonia is a toxic caustic gas is widespread and in versatile technical use, usually in large quantities.
(November 2017)
ChlorineChlorine is a very widespread toxic and caustic gas with versatile technical use. Recommendations for fire service operations are given.
(July 2017 )
Radio transmission systems Due to the strongly growing expansion of the mobile phone network, transmission systems emitting electromagnetic fields are found ever more frequently. They must be taken into account in the risk assessment during fire brigade deployment.
(April 2018)
Animal diseases In recent years suspected cases of foot and mouth disease have also occurred in Germany. During operations for preventing hazards, fire services are also involved. It transpired that there was some lack of clarity and uncertainty with regard to the organisation of the responsibilities and tactics of the missions. This information sheet is to provide practical assistance. german version only
(July 2017)
Fumigated containers

According to current studies, more than a third of all import containers are suspected to contain toxic fumigation agents (also undeclared). These can result in personal injury in the case of transport accidents or during unloading. Fumigation agents may also be found in warehouses or during the renovation of historical buildings (churches etc.). The information sheet offers information for the fire brigade deployment with such containers and on fumigation agents generally.
(November 2018) german version only

DecontaminationThe information sheet supplements and concretises the revised vfdb guideline 10/04 on decontamination and thus offers practical advice. The guideline and the information sheet can also be seen as a supplement the FwDV 500 in the field of decontamination. german version only
(February 2018)
Liquid gas This information sheet deals with the various hazards emanating from frequently transported and used liquid gases. The current information sheet illuminates the hazards and effects on fire service operations in more detail. (November 2011)
PandemicsThe information sheet gives advice on influenza pandemics and was prepared in close cooperation with expert committees. It offers information on how the operations of the fire services can be prepared for these situations..
(November 2018) german version only
On-scene hygiene during fires The information sheet "Recommendation for fire services operations for on-scene hygiene during fires" includes the mission-relevant information from the previous guideline 10/03 (hazardous substances during fires). It includes brief notes and explanations on the behaviour during contamination with flue gas. Additional background information is found in the new vfdb guideline 10/03 (printed version to be available soon). (March 2014)


  • Information sheet on the topic "High-pressure gas lines".


  • Information sheet on the topic "SARS", this is replaced by a general information sheet on the topic "Pandemics", and the information sheet "Electromagnetic fields", which has been replaced by the information sheet "Radio transmission systems", since this describes the area of application better.

These information sheets were carefully prepared by vfdb experts and approved by the vfdb executive committee. The user of these information sheets is responsible for checking whether the document is applicable for his specific case and that he has the most recent version. Any liability of vfdb and all those involved in the preparation of the document is excluded.