As of: July 2004

Guideline RL 10/05 is available with the following parts in the version of July 2004 as printed version and can be obtained from VdS in Cologne.

    T 1: Detection technology
    T 2: Detection tactics and deployment strategies 
    T 3: Personnel qualification, evaluation and personal protection 

Due to the complexity of the topic the guideline "Hazardous substances detection during fire service operations" has been divided into three parts.

10/05-T1 Detection technology

Equipment recommendations are provided for the location-dependent selection of suitable device technologies. Device technology requirements for devices for the detection of CBRN/Hazmat substances, which are suitable for use by fire brigades, are described and definitions are given for taking samples. Technical parameters of the CBRN/Hazmat exploration vehicles are included.

10/05-T2 Detection tactics and strategy

Tactical mission specifications for the use of sampling suitable for fire brigades and detection methods as well asdefinitions for mission tactics are provided. Application cases are described which necessitate the detection of hazardous substances or sampling by the mission teams of the fire brigades.

10/05-T3 Personnel qualification, evaluation and personal protection

Functions and the demarcation of tasks are defined: - measuring team (execution of the operational task) - head of measuring mission section (management and evaluation) - expert consultant (evaluation and interpretation) - chief of operation (overall responsibility). Minimum qualifications and training content for the respective functions are defined.

Information sheets are being prepared for parts of this guideline to provide practical details on the topics measuring+evaluation+communication and quality of training.

Based on practical experience the guideline is to be generally reviewed and revised from  2013 on. Practical feedback is welcome. Please send comments and suggestions to Dr. Ingrid Mieling.

* Addendum to the references in part 3 item 6:Wolf, T.: Zur Unterscheidung der Begriffe "Räumung" und "Evakuierung". (On the distinction between the terms "Clearing" and "Evacuation") In: Der Feuerwehrmann 10/1997, p. 292-293 and in VB - Vorbeugender Brandschutz 17 (1998) 1, p. 41-43Federal Office for Civil Protection (Ed.): Kriterien für Evakuierungsempfehlungen bei Chemikalienfreisetzungen. (Criteria for evacuation recommendations during the release of chemicals) Zivilschutz-Forschung, Neue Folge, volume 32, 1998

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