Decontamination for fire services in CBRN/Hazmat operations

ast updated: March 2006

23 DIN A4 pages

The guideline is available through the VdS-Verlag as printed version 2006-09.

Note: See also FwDV 500. In the definition of the decontamination levels and for the deployment of personnel at the decontamination location the vfdb guideline 10/04 was modified in comparison to FwDV 500 due to the experience of users and training institutions gained since 2003. Department 10 conducts a technical exchange on this topic with the project group Service regulations for professional fire brigades. Potential further changes result from the revised FwDV 500. These will be reviewed in 2013 by a working party of the department and a new draft is to be prepared.

For fire service operations with CBRN/Hazmat hazards measures for the decontamination of individuals and equipment are also necessary in addition to fighting the actual hazards. Department 10 of vfdb has addressed the vfdb guideline 10/04 - Decontamination for fire services in CBRN/HAZMAT operations - was first approved in 1998. After eight years and the introduction of FwDV 500 in the meantime it was necessary to update this guideline. The concept has been coordinated with the planning of the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance. The contents of the federal and state concepts on the decontamination of injured parties, version September 2005, have also been taken into account.

As a planning aid during the implementation of the guideline a supplementary information sheet with recommended actions and suggested equipment was also prepared, which you can download from our information sheet pages.

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The complete guideline is available from the VdS-Verlag.