Hazardous substances resulting from fires

Last updated: May 2009                                                                                                  
36 DIN A4 pages

Revision complete and approved by the executive committee. The guideline was adapted and divided into guideline and information sheet with mission-relevant information.

This guideline has been revised. The new printed version will be available soon. An information sheet has been separated from the guideline, which can be downloaded from our website. We welcome comments and suggestions about the information sheet or the guideline.

During a fire the mission teams are exposed to hazardous substances at the scene. The range of hazardous substances contained in the flue gases, in soot, ash and combustion residues is large but also considerably depends on the phase of the fire.

For optimum protection of mission teams against hazardous substances during fires specifications for protective equipment and behaviour during deployment must therefore be observed during the mission. This part should be available for download as a separate information sheet in the future.

The present guideline defines necessary measures to protect mission teams during the deployment phases and shows options for evaluating the key hazards during fires and in fire objects.

For survival in flue gases see also ISO 13 571 draft (135 kB) "Life threat from fires - Guidance on the estimation of time available for escape using fire data"; please send comments to Dr. Günther Roßmann. See also ISO TC 92 SC 3 business plan(221 kB).

Reference source

The complete guideline is available from the VdS-Verlag. The information sheet, which has also been prepared, is available for download on this website.

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