Guideline 10-02

Fire brigade in biological operations

Last updated: published December 2002

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vfdb 10-02en

Fire Brigades in Bio-Operations (Guidelines of the German Fire Protection Association - vfdb)

During the autumn meeting 2008 and then again during the autumn meeting 2010 the guideline was reviewed again and continued to be deemed as up-to-date. Currently reviews of the up-to-dateness are in process due to the new TRBA 130 and other framework changes, e.g. in the BioStoffVO.

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W 16 Warning against biological hazards

(safety notice DIN 58 956-W 16)

vfdb guideline 10/02 from the year 1992 was thoroughly revised in the years 2001 and 2002. This was necessary, because on the one hand new statutory regulations and technical rules were added (e.g. german infection protection act, BIO Stoff V) and on the other hand new insights and practical experiences were available.

This guideline is aimed first of all for fire service operations in plants with biological substances and must only conditionally be used for cases of (pretended) terror attacks with biological substances (anthrax pathogens) as during autumn 2001.

This revision was carried out with the kind support of experts from the German industrial association for bio technology. It is pointed out that the content of this guideline should also be included in the new FwDV 500 "Regulations for Fire Services at CBRN/Hazmat Operations”. 

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